About Us


Accurate and Current Property data across the united states. Our service will give you the ability to not only look up property across the United States but pull accurate and up to date full Property Reports on them.

Our Farming (Mailing List) System allows you to pull property data by property criteria. You can search by locality , owner, Parcel Numbers, Address, Streets, Zip codes .and much much more. Great for producing Customer mailing lists and ideal for Just Listed and Just Sold marketing.

Our Marketing system is hands down one of the best. The ability to track and manage contacts and followup with leads with built in and customizable email campaign systems. Integrated with a online Print marketing system as well.

Tons of features and at a great price


·Serving over 1,000 customers

·Managing an opt-in member database of over 10 million guests

·More than 1.5 million email messages distributed weekly

·Key partnerships with Real Estate community to help you promote

·Technology and services designed specifically for the retail industry